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Paper craft is the collection of art forms employing paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of three-dimensional objects.Scrapbook Printables Original scrapbook papers, frames and borders to print DIY Arctic Animal Paper Fans Making paper fans is a breeze.FIVE-POINTED STAR Make a 5-pointed star the same way that was used for the first US flag.Kids can decorate a variety of envelopes, such as those used for CDs and airmail, with rubber stamps, vinyl lettering, or labels to keep coins, stamps, and other small collections in order.Print out the sharks and whales, then color, cut, and hang them in a decorated box.

A simple-to-make origami butterfly made by folding a piece of paper.GOOD LUCK HAND (KHAMSA) The khamsa is a symbol of good luck from Morocco, Africa.

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HANGING JAPANESE FISH A beautiful Japanese hanging fish made from paper.You can adapt this craft to make other bookmarks using different pictures, including flowers, butterflies, cats, or any other image you like.Bring out a pile of paper and have reams of fun with these paper crafts for kids.Grab an old magazine and fold it up into an easy decorative tree for the holidays.With flip books made from index cards held together with bulldog clips, kids will learn how animation works and have fun in the process.Even kids can get in on the fun of paper folding with specially designed types of crafts.

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Pick two colors of construction paper to start with and cut two strips of equal size from each color going lengthwise.MORTAR BOARD Make a great graduation hat from poster board and yarn.MAGNIFICENT MASKS Print out and decorate many masks: lion, cat, dog, pig, koala, and robot.Paper crafts children pdf The Easter celebration is another.Have kids choose images from wrapping paper or magazines and cut out along outlines, or punch shapes from decorative papers using a craft punch.Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child.

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Print out the dinosaurs, then color, cut, and paste them in a decorated box.Learn about paper folding crafts for kids with help from an.Kids can create small albums for their scrapbook, each with a story to tell -- the ones here are devoted to family and summer friends.ORIGAMI PROJECTS Make a wearable Samurai warrior hat, a frog that jumps, dolls, a whale, or a beautiful butterfly.PAPER CANOE Make a tiny birch bark canoe from construction paper (or a brown paper grocery bag) and yarn.

Insert a keychain or loose-leaf ring into the hole, and add more envelopes as needed.You can make this simple version out of paper or aluminum foil.POTATO FACE Make a silly potato face from a brown paper bag and construction paper.

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MINIATURE JAPANESE GARDEN A miniature Japanese garden made from paper, pebbles, and an egg carton.

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BROWN GROCERY BAG CRAFTS Many crafts you can make from brown paper grocery bags, including cards, hats, a teepee, a canoe, gingerbread men, a Christmas stocking, and others.STAND-ALONE STAR Make a paper star that can stand by itself on a table.Help your kids make these cute and clever crafts using the cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls.PAPER FAMILY TREE Make a Family Tree from construction paper.

This one is a great Easter craft, although you can do a rabbit craft any time of the year.MITTEN AND FOREST ANIMALS A mitten and forest animals made from paper -- these accompany the Ukranian folk tale The Mitten.

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Punch a hole in the letter, and tie to gift with yarn or ribbon.KWANZAA PLACEMAT Make a woven placemat from construction paper.Make wonderful, simple crafts with things found around the house.TEPEE CRAFT You can make a wonderful model tepee using a brown paper grocery bag and twigs.

PAPER CHAIN CATERPILLAR Make a cute caterpillar from a paper chain.See a page on color mixing to see how to combine paint to make all the colors of the r a i n b o w.

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